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Are you experiencing anxiety that's making daily life or relationships more challenging to navigate? 

Do you struggle with worry, panic, perfectionism, social anxiety, or managing high expectations in your personal or professional life? 

I want to support you on your healing journey. 

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Hi!  I'm Alyssa

Anxiety can be debilitating.  I'm passionate about helping people facing anxiety find a greater sense of peace and balance in their lives.  Whether you're facing worry, anxiety, panic, or perfectionism, I want to walk alongside you as you face your unique personal and relational challenges, and uncover strengths you may not have known were there.    

I seek to help individuals journey towards relief from anxiety, while really listening to the message of your meaningful emotions, and honoring your unique goals, and taking into consideration your individual circumstances, as we journey together.  

Please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss if we may be a good fit!  



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