What are your fees?

50-minute individual counseling sessions are $80 

50-minute couples counseling sessions are $100 

I am part of a group practice: Louis Laves-Webb, and Associates, which you can find out more about here.  Our rates are considered mid-range, as you can find lower rates at a community counseling clinic, and some private practice therapists charge up to $200/session.  

Do you accept insurance?

I can take payment using HSA or FSA cards, but am not currently in-network with any insurance companies.  If you do have "out-of-network" benefits, I can provide you with receipts of service (a "superbill") that you can provide to your insurance company to see if they can reimburse for services.

How do I book a consultation?

I would love to speak with you for a complimentary 30-minute consultation!  You can do any of the following: 

- Fill out any of the forms on the website

- Call me at 512-200-3615

- Email me at info@alyssafrerscounseling.com  

I will get in touch with you soon! 

What will I need for my first video session?

I am currently using HIPAA-compliant Zoom video conferencing to conduct sessions.  Zoom is a free app that you can download on your phone or computer.  I will email you an invitation which will include all necessary information (Meeting ID and Password) to enter the session.

Each session will last 50 minutes.  I would recommend choosing a location that allows for privacy, and has a good internet connection!  

Please try to complete the new client paperwork prior to our first session so that we can make as much use of our time together as possible.  I am very much looking forward to meeting you!    

What if I'm unsure about Telehealth?

Since counseling is traditionally done face-to-face, clients and counselors are facing new terrain and questions regarding counseling during our current pandemic.  There are some benefits to telehealth including no commute time to an office, and more scheduling flexibility.  However,  If you are feeling unsure or "on-the-fence" about counseling via telehealth, you're certainly not alone!  I would love to answer any questions you may have about telehealth and what it may look like for you.